Hard Drive Storage Space Calculator


Use this calculator to determine just how much storage you will need based on how many days storage you want.

How many days of video do you want to store?

Number of cameras recording? (1-16)

Number of frames per second you would like each camera to record? (1-30) [default 15]

How many hours per day does the facility operate? (1-24) [default 24]

How many days of the week does the facility operate? (1-7) [default 7]

You will need about  of hard drive space to meet your storage needs.

  • 1 frame per second is the lowest frame rate recordable and 30 frames per second is the  maximum which is real time.
  • Recording at 1 frame per second is what traditional analog systems record.
  • You can always rewind in high speed so the lower the frame rate the faster it is to playback an entire day.
  • At 3 - 5 frames per second recording you will not miss any activity (remember this is per second).

***These are just estimates as a variety of conditions can substantially change the storage requirements.